October 2012 – Patriotic Instruction

October 2012 Patriotic Instruction
John W. Bates National
Patriotic Instructor

Our Nations Glory: The Congressional Medal of Honor What it means Then and Now

As many in our fraternity know, The Civil War established many things that we can identify with today. Among these items, The Congress of The United States Resolved in 1862 that “Medals of Honor” would be presented ,”In the name of Congress to such non-commissioned officers and privates as shall most distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action, and other soldier-like qualities during the present insurrection(Civil War). President Abraham Lincoln signed the bill into law on July 12, 1862.

The First Civil War action that resulted in A Medal Of Honor was presented to Army Private Francis Edwin Brownwell for his gallantry on May 24,1861 at Alexandria Virginia. Incredible at it may seem, 120 Medals of Honor are awarded for bravery at The Battle of Vicksburg on 22 May 1863. This represents the highest one day total in The Medals entire History. In fact, over 1500 Medals of Honor were awarded during The Civil War.
Today, there are Soldiers today who continue to be awarded The Medal of Honor. The Criteria has been very well defined and Limited to Those who act bravely and selflessly to save others and defend our way of life. Perhaps that is what the true meaning of these individual acts of bravery really mean.

The average man or woman who puts themselves in harms way to save others.The Union Soldiers in The Civil War laid a foundation for us all to honor and remember. Put our Nation and its survival before themselves. This is a gift they gave to their comrades as well as to us their descendants, and for all Americans for all time to come. When you can, as a Brother of the SUVCW, tell others about these stories of Valor.
Tell Kids at school, tell your friends at work, show family members examples of how they stood up for our way of life. This is the greatest thing we can do to honor not only Medal of Honor Recipients,but also all Civil war Veterans and all Veterans of our Country.

LEST WE FORGET! We need to honor them and remember what they did for us all. Spread the stories, one at a time to all you can. Let it be so.