Ballad of Fort Donelson Camp #62

“Bright Hearts have Marched Away”
(Ballad of Fort Donelson Camp #62)

Twas in the sprng of ’61
The flad of Sumter set with the Sun,
North and South, no longer one…
Bright hears will march away –

Mr. Lincoln called, off they went,
For flag and Glory, death was sent…
Nation torn, God Heal the Land,
Bright hearts have marched away –

Hope and Fear fill every home…
Faith and Honor wins alone,
All their dreams did they hold,
Bright hearts have marched away –

No more fighting, cannons still,
Valleys Peaceful, Rest be filled,
Burdens lifted, tis God’s will,
Bright hearts have marched away –

So sleep good soldiers, rest you well
Your work on earth, will future’s tell,
For cause and country, that you fell,
Bright hearts have marched away –

– Words by: Brother W.C. Radcliffe, April 2013
– To be sung to the music of
“Mansions of the Lord” (music by Nick Glennie-Smith)
(Original Hymn and music may be found here)