April 2008

Fort Donelson Camp #62’s first 2008 meeting was held 19 April 2008 at Dotson’s Restaurant in Franklin, TN.

After the conclusion of Camp business, and during lunch, a presentation was made by “Mr. Lincoln” (a.k.a. Dennis Boggs). “Mr. Lincoln” was able to enlighten all present into some of the highlights of President Lincoln’s life and motivations. Additionally, he encouraged the Camp to support education and learning so that we may not forget the past and have to relearn hard lessons.

The Camp moved to Fort Granger in Franklin, for a tour. Unanticipated, the Camp was able to observe Union reenactors who were at the Fort for the weekend. The reenactors were also surprised by an inspection by their “Commander-in-Chief”!

Back (L-R): Julie A. Boley Huttick (PTP, Tent #2 Detatched DUVCW), George Andrew Huttick, Geoffrey Hintze (Taylor Camp), John Anderson (Farragut Camp), Sarah Anderson (PTP, Tent #2 Detached, DUVCW), Norma Gant, Sam Gant (Camp Commander), “Mr. Lincoln,” Dennis Boggs, Charles Engle (Byrd Camp), Roger Tenney, Jim Hurst, Ken Early (Wilson Camp), Commander, SUVCW Dept. of Tennessee.
Front (L-R): George Michael Huttick, David Duburq, Kraig McNutt
Photo by: John Anderson, Farragut Camp

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“Mr. Lincoln” addresses the troops during the recent Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War tour of Fort Granger. Lincoln, soldiers sighted at Fort Granger 

FRANKLIN — The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Fort Donelson Camp 62 met at Dotson’s Restaurant on April 19 where they heard a keynote address given by “Mr. Lincoln,” Dennis Boggs. After the speech, and a brief meeting, the group toured Fort Granger.

Union re-enactors, under the direction of Bobby Hargrove, set up a living history encampment and “Mr. Lincoln” briefly addressed the troops.