Memorial Day

Stones River National Cemetery
 Corinth National Cemetery
Back (L-R): George Andrew Huttick, Julie A. Boley Huttick, Jane Atchley, Shawn Atchley (Farragut Camp), Cheryl Boley (Pres Tent #2 DUVCW), Sarah Anderson, Trent Childers (U.S. Congressman), John Anderson (Farragut Camp), Edith Bland,Front: George Michael Huttick
Shiloh National Cemetery 
Members of:Fort Donelson Camp #62, SUVCWFarragut Camp #6, SUVCWMary Ann “Mother” BickerdykeTent No. 02 of Selmer, Tennessee (detached), DUVCW(L-R) George Andrew Huttick, Julie A. Boley Huttick, Mike Boley, George Michael Huttick, Cheryl Boley, Sarah Anderson, Shawn Atchley, Jane Atchley, John AndersonPhoto by: John Anderson
Members from several SUVCW camps, as well as a DUVCW tent took part in multiple Memorial Day activities honoring those who have served our country.