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Camps: A Camp site on the WWW should be maintained primarily to inform members and others about: (a) important events occurring within the Camp; (b) programs and projects undertaken by the Camp and its members; (c) other special SUVCW related information about activities within the Camp; (d) links to Camp and Department officers who can respond to public requests for information or support; (e) the meeting time and place of the Camp. A Camp must provide a link from its site on the WWW to the Department web site and optionally to the National web site. Camps-at-Large must provide a link to the National Web Site. Camps that do not maintain their sites by ensuring current listings of Camp officers, Camp listings, etc., may have their return link established by and existing on the Department WWW site deactivated. Such deactivation will remain until the Camp has updated its WWW site and informed the Department Webmaster that the site has been updated.


Date Changes
December 2012 Changed Site Theme for hosting site compatibility issues.
Added ability to have individual posts be assigned to separate pages (and link the category to the poster)
August 2012 Added Summer Haversack copy to Haversack page
April 2012 Added Spring Haversack copy to Haversack page
Added Memorial Day Announcement to Home Page
Added April Patriotic Instruction
Added Patriotic Instructions Page
26 Mar 12 Moved the whole enchilada to WordPress functionality.  Pages added, pages removed, content added, content removed… you’ll need to browse around to find out what is new
05 Feb 12 Added newsletters
Updated officers on roster
Updated SVR roster
14 May 11 Updated Membership Roster
Fixed SVR Roster Formatting
Corrected links on Newletters page
Updated Veterans Page
(not on site – but added known events to Facebook Events)
24 Apr 11 Removed draping from site.
Updated SVR roster
30 Mar 11 Updated SVR roster
Updated 10th TN History
2010 Histories updated – Graves Dedications, March to Carter House
2011 Histories added – Departmental Encampment, Br. Cockerham
All Newsletters corrected and posted
25 Mar 11 Draping site in  black per SUVCW General Order #13 / FDC General Order #2
Unit Order 2-11 to Communications SVR
FDC General Order #2
Added “
Armies of Tennessee” page under SVR
Updated Events/Links page
16 Feb 11 Still many things need done.
Draping site in black per
FDC General Order #1
Unit Order 1-11 to Communications SVR
Added FDC General Order #1
Updated Communications Page
Fixed link to Dept of TN Home (sidebar button)
08 Sep 10 Many things need done, but for now – draping site in black per General Order #3
04 Apr 10 Posted press release
Updated Events page
Updated Membership Roster
Updated Veterans
Updated SVR Roster
Updated Camp General Orders
20 Feb 10 Updated FDC History with content from J. Swan
Created Deparmental Encampment ‘10 page
FaceBook Group
Updated Events/Links Page
Updated Communications Page
Updated Camp General Orders Page
Updated Departmental General Orders Page
Updated members page for Departmental Officers
Upated member page for new members
Updated veterans page for new members ancestors
Removed site draping
14 Jan 10 Draped site for the passing of Real Daughter Lila Rose Queener Hudgens
Completed compliance with SUVC General Order #*8
01 Jan 10 Updated Events, link
Added to history (Unknown Soldier Reinterment, Veteran’s Day ‘10, Ft. Negley Event)
Multiple updates to SVR and associated items
Added Winter ‘10 Newsletter
Added Fall ‘09 Newsletter
Added veterans based on roster cleanup
Cleaned up Roster
Removed guestbook (after 6+ months, no entries except for spam)
Compliance with SUVCW General Order #8
22 Jun 09 Added Flag Day ‘09 page
Updated FDC History banner buttons
Added picture to
SVR page of uniformed members
Summer ‘09 Newsletter
Events page
06 Jun 09 Updated index.html – cleared up old information
Added “Press Releases”
Cleaned up events page, deleted old, added new information
Added Spring newsletter
Updated rosters and veterans
Added Adopt-A-Cannon ‘09 page
23 Feb 09 Minor title change on How to Join page
Corrected S. Holmes data on roster
Added M. Plumley to roster
Veterans page updates for S. Homes/M. Plumley’s ancestors
08 Feb 09 Posted SVR General Order 3-2009 to SVR communication page
Added Departmental Officers and Camp Officers to Communication Page
– Added Dept 2009 G.O. to Department General Orders Page
– Added Camp 2009 G.O. to Camp General Orders Page
02 Feb 09 Minor changes to TN Events and Links
Reworked functionality of National Park Newfeeds
01 Feb 09 Updated Historical Events
– Andrew Johnson Wreath Laying
– Departmental Encampment
Updated Events page
Miscellaneous formatting
30 Jan 09 Updated Roster (Added M. Boley, Added S. Holmes, Posted 2009 Officers, confirmed all members)
Updated Veterans
Added Uniform Page to SVR
Added Jan 09 communication from 1st Sergeant DuBrucq to SVR Communications page
RSS Feeds for Fort Donelson National Battlefield and Shiloh Military Park added
29 Dec 08 Combined various Events / Links / etc. pages into one Events/Links Page.
Renamed the Activities Page to Communications
Moved the SVR page up one level
Added GoogleMaps to Camp Events on same page
Moved historical events / pictures under
Added SVR to faq page
Reworked the functionality of the site link buttons
Added a Guestbook
Added a site visit counter
Fixed format issue on main page (removed horizontal scroll bar)
Fixed veterans page (added all members, checked status’ and links, entered previously unsubmitted information)
Added to History page based on interview with Br. E.J. Duffel
03 Dec 08 National Encampment Announcement on Home Page
Posted Winter 2009 Newsletter
Updated Events… new dates!
Updates to the 10th TN SVR Unit
– communication changes
– roster changes
– clip art changes
– badges on main membership roster
Corrected J. Clark’s veterans
Fixed Link to
Major General James H. Wilson Camp #1
16 Nov 08 Added Invitation to Encampment 09
Added J. Clark to roster
Added J. Clark’s veterans (and submitted to Nat’l db)
Reorganized SVR section
– Added roster
– Added communications
Added SVR icons to roster page
24 Oct 08 Added B. Bauer to roster
Added B. Bauer’s veteran
Added. D. DeBrucq’s veteran
Added 18 Oct 08 Meeting event
Updated events page
Added Sept press release forward from Dept. Cmd. Early
Added 10th TN Inf – SVR Page(s)
05 Sep 08 Added W.D. Winders to members
Added Veterans of W.D. Winders
Added Veterans of C. Higgins
Additional information for Samuel H. Lenix on Veterans page
Added notations of veterans in Nat’l Grave database
Multiple veteran updates from Nat’l Grave database
Posted Fall 08 Newsletter
Updated events page
Fixed site buttons to include “Contact Us” button
Corrected wording of bottom banner on each page
17 Aug 08 Added Dept Comm Early’s Call to Action to Events and Dept of TN
Added Fort Donelson NB Labor Day Activities to events
Added James W. “Bill”€ Heard to roster
Added ancestors of James W. “Bill”€ Heard to veterans
Added additional ancestors of Comm. Sam Gant to veterans
Included Williamson Herald coverage on Dedication Ceremony page
01 Jul 08 Added link references to index.html
Changed text on “How to Join” page
25 Jun 08 Updated TNCW Links page
24 Jun 08 Updated June 2008 Dedication Ceremony Page
Updated April 2008 Activity Page
22 Jun 08 Updated Veterans Page
Added June 2008 Events Page
08 Jun 2008 Added Veterans Page
Added current newsletter
Updated history page
Updated index.html
07 Jun 2008 Updated Events
Added new members
Added Flag Certificate to Home Page
Added TN CW Links page
Renamed Links page to Other Links
Added SVR logo to Projects page
02 Jun 2008 Minor updates.  Added “faq’s”.  Added “How to Join”.
01 Jun 2008 Created current site. Established tnsuvcw.org.