October 2008

Unapproved Minutes:

The Fort Donelson Camp #62 meeting was held on October 18, 2008 at 12:00 in the City Café Murfreesboro, TN.

Sam Gant the Camp Commander called the meeting to order. The opening prayer was led by David Eagan the Camp Secretary/Treasurer. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by David Du Brucq

An introduction of our guests and members indicated that we had 8 members and guests at the meeting. Bill Heard and Brett Bauer were introduced as new members of Fort Donelson #62.

We had a brief business meeting with the following subjects covered:

David Eagan reported that we currently had a balance in our camp checking account of $71.43 as of 9/22/08. Form 990-N was filed on July 1, 2008 and accepted by the IRS. We currently have 29 members.

A request was made by Commander Gant to get all members to please try to get their Grave Registry information completed on their ancestors. He also stated that we want to place grave markers, in 2009, on as many local graves that have not been so marked and that we have funds to support this effort.

An announcement was made that the Dept. of TN Annual Encampment at Spring Hill, TN on Jan. 31, 2009, will be sponsored by Fort Donelson Camp # 62. FDC #62 April Meeting will be held at Fort Donelson.

David Du Brucq gave a report on the SVR Organization and sufficient interest and members joined to made this a reality. David Du Brucq was elected Corporal of the new unit.

A request was made for re enactors to participate in the Battle of Franklin celebration.

Following the meeting a program was held at The Stones River Battlefield Park.

Respectfully submitted,


David Eagan Secretary/Treasurer



Call to Order— Sam Gant, Camp Commander

Prayer— David Eagan, Secretary/Treasurer

Pledge of Allegiance— David Du Brucq


Statement from SUVCW Dept. of Tennessee—

Ken Early, PCC, Commander

Business Meeting—

Call to Order—

Presentation of new members—

Bill Heard

Dale Winders

Brett Bauer

Treasurer’s Report—David Eagan

Grave Registry Report— George A. Huttick

SVR Organizational Meeting— David Du Brucq


144th Anniversary Battle of Franklin, 30 Nov.

Dept. of TN Annual Encampment at Spring Hill,

31Jan. 2009, Sponsored by FDC62

FDC62 Meeting at Fort Donelson, April 2009

Flag Day Ceremony, Mt. Zion Cemetery, W’mson

County, 13 June 2009

Call for suggestions for future Camp projects